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Short-Term & Long-Term Disability / ERISA Claims

Chicago Short Term & Long Term Disability Lawyer

Illinois SSDI Attorney

Personal, Responsive ERISA Legal Representation

Most long-term disability insurance policy contracts require the holder to apply for Social Security benefits. When your disability claim has been denied by a private insurance company or employer's provider, our Dobbs Law lawyers will fight for you when you are unable to fight for yourself.

Dobbs Law LLC was founded in 1992 by experienced Chicago disability benefits lawyer Kenneth P. Dobbs. Since that time, Mr. Dobbs has been successful on behalf of more than 3,000 clients in hearings, appeals or trials.

That's the kind of experience and track record you can count on. We pledge to give our best efforts for every client throughout Illinois, southern Wisconsin, northwest Indiana, Utah and Idaho.

Your private short-term and long-term disability issues, and ERISA claims, should be handled only by an experienced disability attorney. Contact us in Chicago or our other Illinois or Utah law offices today. It's a toll-free phone call: 888.SSDI.LAW (888.366.8134). Your initial consultation with Kenneth P. Dobbs is always free of charge, as is the case evaluation form you can complete and return to us.

We look forward to meeting you and finding out how we can help you and your family.

Since 1992, Dobbs Law Has Helped Thousands of Clients

In the field of short-term and long-term disability and ERISA claims, our attorneys negotiate and litigate on your behalf to achieve the financial help you need. Our personalized, experienced representation covers breach of contract disputes, "bad faith" insurance disputes and ERISA administrative appeals.

At Dobbs Law, we know intimately the ERISA (Early Retirement Income Security Act) guidelines. We know what is necessary to prevail with an administrative remedy or courtroom claim. We can guide you through the complex ERISA legal process from start to finish of your case.

We can achieve the same success for you that we have brought to thousands of other clients we have worked with since 1992. Call us toll-free today to schedule a free initial consultation with Dobbs Law LLC.

We fight for your rights when you are unable to fight for them yourself.

Contact Us Today by Toll-Free Phone, E-Mail or Fax

If you can operate a phone, or you have someone to do it for you, you can benefit from our Chicago disability benefits law firm's 17 years of experience with short-term and long-term disability questions, as well as ERISA claims.

Contact us now at 888.SSDI.LAW (888.366.8134). We can also respond to your e-mails and faxes. Overnight messages are always promptly returned.

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