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Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI)

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Protecting Your Rights to Receive SSI in Illinois & Utah

Eligibility for SSDI payments depends in part on having a work history and paying into Social Security. When a person has never worked or paid into Social Security, or the work history is too far in the past to quality for SSDI, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) may be a possibility.

SSI pays monthly benefits to the elderly, the blind, and people who have disabilities and very low income. An SSI claimant cannot have more than a small income and very limited resources to qualify. At Dobbs Law LLC, we serve SSI clients in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Utah, and Idaho. We know the people of the regions we serve. We practice the aggressive strategies that have led to more than 3,000 success stories for our clients in hearing and trial settings.

We urge you to contact our law offices in Chicago, Frankfort, Rockford or Salt Lake City when Supplemental Security Insurance legal issues affect your life or that of a family member or loved one.

You can reach us by toll-free phone call: 888.SSDI.LAW (888.366.8134). We also respond promptly to your e-mails and faxes, as well as to all after-hours messages.

Dobbs Law: Experienced, Committed, Community-Involved Lawyers

Our attorneys can help you find your way through the SSI filing process and educate you on the government's qualifications for SSI benefits.

We can help during applications and appeals processes, too, from first consultation to case resolution. We are highly familiar with the medical condition and financial hardship requirements that must be met for your consideration by the court. Your financial relief, needs and goals come first with us.

When you need help with any phase of SSI or SSDI qualifying, please be in touch with our Dobbs Law LLC law offices. We can help you in Illinois, southern Wisconsin, northwest Indiana, Utah and Idaho. Your initial consultation with our respected Social Security law firm is always free of charge, and the hard work we do for you is performed on a contingency fee basis only. At Dobbs Law, we fight for you when you aren't able to fight for yourself.

Call Toll-Free With Your SSI & SSDI Questions

You can contact us at 888.SSDI.LAW (888.366.8134). Bring your many questions and disability details to your free consultation.

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