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Common mistakes SSDI applicants make

Many people in Chicago who plan to file for social security disability benefits tend to feel intimidated by the applications. Many of them are already under a great deal of stress from their injuries and not working for income. These issues can make it harder for them to fill out their applications properly. Applicants should be aware of the common mistakes that people make so they can avoid them to improve their chances of approval.

Why you may be denied social security benefits

When it comes to receiving support from social security benefits, the amount of information needed to file a claim can be overwhelming. Due to the time required to complete applications, mistakes are often made in understanding requirements and filling out paperwork. These mistakes can sometimes result in a denied claim, even when the applicant is in severe need. If you or someone you know has had a social security application rejected, an appeal may still be possible. The first step is to find out why the form was denied.


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