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For more than two decades, Dobbs Law has represented severely injured clients in their personal injury and Social Security Disability claims. We learned a long time ago that it is better for the same firm to handle the personal injury and Social Security Disability cases together so the claims can be coordinated and to maximize the compensation our clients receive.

Experienced In Handling Personal Injury And Disability Claims

Law firms that handle only personal injury claims often don't recognize that their client has a viable disability claim, because they only understand personal injury claims. At Dobbs Law, we understand disability and personal injury law. Contact our injury lawyers to learn how we can help you maximize your financial recovery. Call us today at 888-366-8134.

Maximizing Our Clients' Financial Recovery

An example of a typical client is someone injured in a car accident. He or she has suffered severe injuries and is off work for an extended period of time. We first analyze and file his or her personal injury case. While he or she is in recovery and off work, we analyze and file his or her disability claim if it appears that he or she may be off work for a year or more.

Even if the disability lasts only a year or so, helping the injured and disabled get their disability checks relieves them of the extreme hardship that comes with not having a paycheck. Furthermore, our personal injury lawyers often get them health insurance coverage and a prescription drug benefit.

Intricate Knowledge Of The Law Applied To Your Case

Our knowledge of disability law helps us maximize the monetary compensation that our clients receive from their personal injury claim, because proving ongoing disability increases the amount of money our clients receive. This is true even if the disability is temporary and only occasionally limits a person's activities. You can be compensated for short-term disability along with a personal injury claim.

As experts in disability law, we understand how to prove damages in personal injury cases to maximize the monetary compensation that our clients have coming to them under the law. Few firms offer this kind of dual professional experience to maximize results for their clients.

Offering A Hands-On Approach To Injured Clients

Our clients come to us when they are harmed by negligence in nursing homes, hospitals and doctors' offices, auto, truck and motorcycle collisions, and workplace accidents.

When our clients are off work because they are victims of catastrophic injuries, such as paralysis, brain damage, broken bones and pain, their cases need immediate response to provide them with economic relief. If their case warrants, we immediately file for disability benefits while they wait for the resolution of their personal injury claim. This added legal service can help prevent increased economic hardship for people unable to work.

Contact Our Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys

Contact our law office online, or call 888-366-8134, to find out how we can help you simultaneously win your personal injury and Social Security Disability claims. When you call, a law clerk will conduct a brief interview with you to get the facts of your case. The facts of your case, including a statement of injury, medical treatment and circumstances, will be passed on to a personal injury attorney. Shortly thereafter, your attorney will call you to discuss the matter and determine the best and quickest way to proceed.