Why Should You Hire A Social Security Disability Attorney?

Why do we recommend that you have experienced lawyers, such as the attorneys at Dobbs Law, handle your Social Security disability claim?

  • We have been through every step of the legal process thousands of times.
  • We know who to call upon for support of your disability story, and what evidence to show the administrative law judge or court.
  • We have harmonious working relationships with those who preside over these cases, in five states.
  • We persevere when other law firms might give up on your SSDI claim.
  • We believe you earned Social Security disability benefits while you were working, and when you become disabled we believe you are entitled to them.

When you are ready to get serious about obtaining the Social Security disability benefits you have long sought, contact us. Dobbs Law attorneys have a proven record of sustained success for clients.

How Does Your Attorney Get Paid?

There is no fee for an initial consultation to discuss your case with Mr. Dobbs or one of his attorneys. If you retain our firm to handle your claim we will send you a simple attorney/client agreement for you and your family to review. Our fee agreement conforms to federal law and will be reviewed by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Generally speaking, no matter whom you hire, every lawyer is paid the same, because attorney fees are governed by federal rules. We work on a contingency basis. We are paid if we win your case and only if we win your case.

Under federal rules, the contingency fee is limited to 25% of any "back benefits" we obtain for you, up to a cap of $6,000. By example, if your attorney obtains $4,000 in back benefits for you, you will get $3,000 and the attorney gets $1,000.

If we get you $100,000 in back disability benefits, you will get $94,000 and your attorney will get $6,000. To repeat, your attorney can never be paid more than $6,000. We use the $100,000 back benefit as an extreme example to illustrate that your attorney can never be paid more than $6,000. (Please note: It is unlikely that you will accrue $100,000 in back benefits. We are simply using this extreme example to more easily illustrate the attorney fee rules).

Who Writes The Check?

Once we win your case, the Judge or SSA will review our attorney-client agreement. If they approve it, they will order the SSA to calculate our appropriate attorney fees and they will pay us directly. This system is designed to protect you and to insure that attorneys are paid appropriately.

What Are "Back Benefits"?

Back benefits are accrued from the time the Administrative Law Judge finds that you first became disabled until the time the Judge grants you benefits, with a five-month set off from the date of disability onset. Once the Judge grants you back benefits, any future benefits belong entirely to you; your attorney is paid out of back benefits. The attorney gets nothing of the health care or prescription drug benefit that they obtain for you as a consequence of winning your social security case. Those benefits belong entirely to you.

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