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Common mistakes SSDI applicants make

Many people in Chicago who plan to file for social security disability benefits tend to feel intimidated by the applications. Many of them are already under a great deal of stress from their injuries and not working for income. These issues can make it harder for them to fill out their applications properly. Applicants should be aware of the common mistakes that people make so they can avoid them to improve their chances of approval.

Waiting too long to file

Many people assume they should wait until they have been disabled for at least one year before applying for social security disability benefits. SSDI stipulates that to qualify for benefits, an applicant's disabilities must last 12 months or longer. But that does not mean the claimant must wait an entire year before filing. Waiting too long to file can have an adverse impact on the filer's benefits.

Applicants are eligible to receive back pay for disabilities that occur up to 12 months before the date of their applications if there is sufficient supporting evidence. Determinations are made on the most recent medical information that is available. When there is not enough recent information, applicants might have to undergo further evaluations, which can delay the approval process.

Collecting unemployment benefits

Many disabled workers file for unemployment benefits so they still have some kind of income coming in while they wait for their SSDI payments to begin. In order for them to receive unemployment benefits, they must certify that they are ready and able to work and actively seeking employment. To qualify for social security disability benefits, an applicant's injuries must prevent that person from working. Claiming unemployment benefits is a direct conflict to SSDI eligibility and can result in an immediate denial of benefits.

Not providing sufficient information

Applicants must provide proper documentation and supporting evidence of all medical tests and treatments regarding their disabilities to the Social Security Administration. Documentation must show the nature of their disability, how long their condition is going to last, if it is going to result in death and if it prevents them from participating in substantial gainful activity. Without the required documents, the Social Security Administration is unable to assess the proper level of disability, which can result in the denial of the claim.

The approval process for SSDI is very stringent. Applicants who do not take the time to fill out their applications in a timely manner, correctly, and provide all necessary documentation could end up getting their claims denied. Those who are getting ready to file for social security disability benefits and would like assistance to improve their approval chances should speak an attorney for guidance.

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