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What are the options after a SSD claim denial?

Social security disability is a program set in place to assist those individuals who are not able to help themselves. Unfortunately, in certain cases, those individuals may receive a denial on their social security disability claim. In such instances, there are a couple options to consider before moving forward.

Outside of finding other means of funding, disabled individuals may try two main actions. Take some time to review and understand the choices that are available.

1. New claim

Applicants who receive a denial on a disability claim may file a new claim. This option is most effective in cases where the reason for the denial has to do with the administration of the claim. For instance, if the court did not receive necessary paperwork in a specific timeframe and therefore denied the claim, filing a new claim with all the right paperwork may get an approval.

However, if the individual submitted all parts of the claim properly the first time, the chance of the determination changing at the same level is quite slim. Therefore, an appeal may be a better option.

2. Appeal

An appeal is usually the best method to reach an approval for a disability claim. In short, an appeal allows individuals to provide evidence and question the aspects of the claim that resulted in the denial. The SSA provides information on properly appealing the decision on a disability claim. A local court reviews the case and then decides if the initial determination should stand.

It is important that you make the best decision for you personally concerning your disability award, depending upon your situation. Take some time to evaluate the aspects of your claim and the reasons for the denial. This can help you to pinpoint the issue and determine the best course of action moving forward. It may also be beneficial to discuss your options with a knowledgeable attorney.

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