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Can I work and still receive SSDI benefits?

If you plan to file for Social Security disability benefits in Chicago because of an untimely injury or illness, one question that might be on your mind is if you can work and receive benefits at the same time. There are circumstances that make you eligible to work and receive SSDI benefits. However, there are stipulations in place that can affect the amount of your benefit payments.

Keep in mind that you are eligible for SSDI benefits if your condition meets certain criteria and you are unable to perform work in a gainful capacity. Here is a brief overview of working and receiving SSDI benefits.

The SSA encourages returning to work

The Social Security Administration has several programs to encourage disabled individuals who feel they can return to work to do so. To ensure you are ready to return to the workforce, you can complete a work trial period.

What is the work trial?

The work trial period is nine months. During that time, you can work and receive your entire benefit amount without penalty. Each month that you earn $840 (the 2017 threshold) or more in wages is a qualifying trial month. If you continue to work after your trial period is over, your SSDI benefits will move over into the extended tier for 36 months. At this point, a person would be able to receive benefits in months where their wages (when adjustments are factored in) come in below the substantial gain activity amount, which for 2017 is typically $1,170 a month. After this period is over, benefits payments typically cease altogether if a person is working in a gainful capacity.

If you encounter difficulties with your health and disability that interferes with your ability to continue working within five years of your benefit payments ending, you may be able to pursue having your SSDI payments reinstated.

If you are experiencing trouble with your Social Security disability claim or have concerns about returning to work while getting payments, you might want to consider talking to an attorney for guidance.

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